Your church needs feedback!

Inspidered scans church websites and auto-generates useful (personalized) surveys about the quality of religious experience. If offers church-goers (and church leaders) the means to improve community, worship, and equity.

Customize by denomination

Surveys are tailored to many different communities. Know that you're doing everything you can to reach a wider audience.

Compare feedback

Because thousands of churches gather feedback using similar surveys, decision-makers can review responses in the context of what other churches are hearing from their members.


If you church has an updated website, it may already have an open survey.

Search churches


Contextualize with filters

The standardized survey allows church leaders to peruse results and see what these key groups of members are feeling:
Core supporters | tepid members | fence-sitters | at risk of leaving
Moreover, if can reveal why the experience of being in a church community can vary so widely, and what to do about it.

Honest and confidential

Because these surveys are auto-generated and data managed by a neutral organization, the message can reach those who need to hear it in a safe and confidential way. People are more likely to be honest when they believe leaders are listening and they are not required to stand out from the crowd.

Grow your online presence

Covid-19 has changed the worship experience for many. The full toolkit can give your church an edge if retaining members and reaching new people.

Other examples of meaningful feedback